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Hello! I’m Jackie Huber, the new owner of Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber.  Four short years ago I discovered knitting & I was smitten.  I’ve enjoyed scrap booking, sewing, crafting, & doodling for ages; none have captured me quite like knitting has.  So when I learned that Dancing Sheep was at a cross roads…be sold or close…I took a leap of faith & thought, “Why not? Life’s too short not to have a yarn store!”  It’s been a new adventure with many lessons, many laughs, a few mistakes, & many new faces.  I’ve especially enjoyed the new faces.  Working with fiber has a way of creating community.  I enjoy creating places where people know your name & are happy to see you.  That’s my goal for Dancing Sheep.  I’d like it to be a place where young & old can commune, create, & celebrate.  So I hope you’ll grab your needles, hooks, wheels, you name it, & join me in this adventure.  Let’s create something beautiful! 


2 thoughts on “Meet the New Owner

  1. Colleen Follick -

    I’m so happy you took that leap and I am enjoying getting to know you! You are a delight, and doing a fabulous job creating a place of relaxation, creativity and friendship!

    1. Jackie Huber Post author -

      Thank you Colleen! You’ve been a big part of making me feel welcomed & excited over this adventure! You’re a treasure!

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